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what's COVALUSE manpower?

COVALUSE manpower is a free digital workplace designed to help your startup evolve faster through running growth marketing activities for you to validate your business model, get early traction at a minimal burn rate, and achieve a 10X growth rate.

COVALUSE manpower benefits

Unlike traditional incubators, COVALUSE manpower supports all stages of a startup’s life cycle. We work closely with you hand-in-hand to produce the actual work needed for validation, traction, and growth.

no processes, no applications, no documents. we start working just after our first meeting in which we capture your startup position and take it from there.

We operate semi-independent online where your work is always visible and you can make your input whenever you want. No need for follow-ups or management time.

stay away from overheads, we produce most of the external work for you for free, while you take care of building the product. even if you’re a solo founder, we got your back.

get started with COVALUSE manpower

book a call

pick a time for an online call to discuss your startup position.


share files, access, and ideas to come up with action items.

set a plan

review and approve the first set of actions to proceed.

remote Growth hacking manpower Operates Semi-Independent.

to Discover The Right Things To Build With Ease And Confidence.​

Reasons why growth hacking is the best for your startup.

It’s a resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactic for founders who don’t have a huge amount of cash to spare but need results quickly.

Early Traction.

Achieve optimum product/market fit and get the proof & tangible early traction you need for your products.

Grow Product.

Boost your most promising customer acquisition channels and drive rapid growth to your product or service.

Optimize Activities.

Increase conversions and maximize the ROI and revenue at the bottom of your funnel.

what people say abt growth hacking!
Nader Sabry
Nader SabryStrategist, innovator, and entrepreneur in NASA space tech, government, & health/wellness who has raised $120 million.
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“With growth hacking, you can turn interests into dollars almost immediately.”
Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holidaybestselling author of Trust Me, I’m Lying; The Obstacle Is the Way; Ego Is the Enemy; Conspiracy and other books about marketing, culture, and the human condition.
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“The old way—where product development and marketing were two distinct and separate processes—has been replaced with growth hacking.”
Andrew Check
Andrew Checkadvisor and investor for technology startups and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.
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“Growth hackers have a common attitude, and mentality unique among technologists and marketers. This mindset of data, creativity, and curiosity allows a growth hacker to accomplish the feet of growing a user base into the millions.”

What we do.

We take care of all your traction and growth hacking activities from end to end.


We design and implement the minimum unit of traction to validate your growth ideas.


We set up and collect data from every possible source available to you.

learn loop

We analyze results and figure out your best next thing to build, and repeat again.

grow faster than ever!

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