AB Test Lead Generation Destination Via Google Ads

Imagine you have two different paths to a treasure chest, but you’re not sure which one is faster. We’re doing something similar with Google Ads. We’ll create two different ads that lead to two different places on our website. Our goal is to find out which path gets more people interested in our company’s products […]

Lead Generation Campaign On LinkedIn

We’re going on a treasure hunt on LinkedIn to find people who might like what our company offers. Think of LinkedIn as a big school and we’re trying to find new friends who could become our future customers. We’ll say hi, get to know them, and see if they’re interested in our stuff. It’s like […]

Google Ads Acquisition Campaign

The Google Ads Acquisition Campaign aims to drive growth for a freelancing platform by targeting a 10% acquisition rate for TaskOwners. Utilizing strategic Google Ads, we plan to attract high-quality leads that can be converted into active TaskOwners on our platform. The campaign will focus on optimized ad placements, keyword targeting, and compelling call-to-actions to […]

Facebook Group Posts Plan

Make your Facebook group more interesting by posting content that people will like and engage with. This will help people stay interested and loyal to your brand. You don’t need to spend a lot of time creating content, just make it easy and interactive so that people will connect with it.

Early Adopter Acquisition

Discover early adopters with Facebook advertising! Aim for a 10% signup rate and gain insights about your audience. Shape the future of your platform.