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“Kol haga organized, you’ve a good experience in the subject , u’re doing ur best in discussing, giving feedback, and mentoring”

Mahmoud Samir
Career Shifter

“I feel like i am learning so much things and new things that i didn’t even take it in collage , so the experience so far is so good specially when we started working on the project.”

Fayrouz Siam
MassCom Student

“yeah i like it so far, everything is good for now and I’m learning something new every day which is great.. thank you for doing this”

Hazem Elwany
Job seeker

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Earn up to $100 / project

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Get real-time coaching while working on projects, enhancing skills as you learn.

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Meet your AI Assistant, offering smart, instant solutions to all your marketing queries.

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Showcase validated projects and highlight your skills with Certified Portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get for paying?

Your payment isn't a fee, it's an investment in your dreams. From expert coaching to certified project recognition, it's your digital marketing career growth in action.

Is this program online?

Absolutely, our program is online, letting you learn, explore, and grow from the comfort of your own space.

Do I need experience to start?

No experience? No worries. We're here to guide you from the basics to advanced levels of digital marketing. Start your journey with us, as you are.

How long to see results?

The journey of growth is personal and unique. The more you engage, the quicker you'll see your digital marketing skills bloom.

How does this help my career?

Our program builds real-world skills, a certified portfolio and makes you visible to industry leaders, putting your career dreams within reach.

What is a mentor's role here?

Mentors are your guiding stars, providing expert advice and support, illuminating your path to becoming a successful digital marketer.

Can I earn here?

Yes, and it's exciting! For each successful project, you could earn up to $100. Learn, grow, and earn—it's a winning trifecta.

What practical experience will I get?

You'll get hands-on with real digital marketing projects, converting your learning into action, and theories into practical skills.

How does mentorship help me?

A mentor at COVALUSE is your personal guide, illuminating your learning path with expert insights, helping you grow faster and better.

Does this program improve job chances?

Absolutely. By enhancing your practical skills, showcasing your certified portfolio, and listing your talent, we prepare you to capture opportunities.

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