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A couple of hours a day to get the practical experience you need to build a fulfilling and successful marketing career from the comfort of your home.

Excited to get into a world of marketing?

In this digital marketing internship program, you will practice real-world projects remotely, powered by professional marketers.

Safe, easy, and fast reliable digital marketing coaching and practical training.

Here at COVALUSE Virtual Workplace, we believe that everyone should have access to quality marketing training. To make entry-level' lives easier, we provide them with project-based and remote marketing training.

With this marketing program, you will be able to participate in real marketing projects without leaving the comfort of your home.

Practice anywhere, anytime, any discipline

Participate in real-world marketing projects remotely at your own pace. Choose from available marketing disciplines you are interested in.

Hands-on marketing know-how from day one

Receive professional coaching, feedback, and guidance starting from kick-off session along the way to project completion.

Impress your potential employer

Earn a recognition badge for your CV and share it anywhere. Build a rock-star CV project by project with confidence and ease.

Earn money for outstanding performance

Get a financial reward for each project you surpass your peers' performance rate.

How does this work?

Apply for Internship

Become a member of the program to receive regular updates about available projects.

Join a project

Choose form available projects based on your preferences and prep up for actual work.

Start Working

Proceed instantly without approvals on the actual work with your peers and project master.

We are here to help you with marketing entry-level needs

Take control of your marketing career and get fast professional advice from your masters wherever you are. Save yourself the trouble of wrangling around customer service jobs, join mediocre companies, and waiting too long for a real opportunity. Apply for our marketing internship program and receive urgent care, and personal attention, covering a large range of digital marketing topics.


Before the internship

All you need is a prior topic general knowledge, proper setting (PC with internet connection), and a great passion to learn.

No need for CV or interview, we may call you to check some info before you start.

By September 2021, anyway, we will update you frequently.

this’s unpaid internship program, However, there is a financial reword for outstanding performance by the end of every project.

Just apply and we will guide you throw the on-boarding process.


we will send you available projects regularly, in which you can join as many projects as you like and found relevant to you.

up to 2 weeks in which you must be committed to the work assigned to you.

Since the program is remote, you are required to join our project management system where you will upload your work and follow project master guidance.

Each project has a subject-matter expert we name it as project master. he/she will coach and provide you with practical guidance along the way.


upon project completion, you will receive a feedback on your performance and may be selected for a financial reward.

Anyway, you will get your hands dirty in marketing, have something to insert in your CV, and free to join another active projects.

It’s a fixed incentive earned by top performers who get the job done and satisfy project owners requirements.

it’s calculated and paid per project.

As many as you like, seriously.

However, we recommend to only relevant projects to your knowledge, and keep the number of projects manageable to make full use of each project and its master.

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