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Premium Internship

$ 59
/ month
  • Unlimited functions
  • Unlimited projects
  • Full financial rewards
  • Technical onboarding
  • First project free

premium interns get

Crash courses

Understand marketing basics and advanced topics in action.

Real-life projects

All marketing projects are real work for real businesses.

Remote mentorship

hand-on-hand technical guidance while practicing on projects.

Financial Rewards

Receive up to 100$ per project when done right.

Certified portfolio

Build an impressive portfolio of completed work with eas & confidence.

Trusted by 1,000+ interns

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Premium Internship Privileges

It means that you can take place in real-life marketing projects as many as you can handle at the same time without any further confirmation from our end.

you’re able to start immediately

No, It’s not available, however, you have the chance to try the first project, then decide whether to resume your premium membership or refund the total amount you paid.

No, we will start by servicing premium members only

You can refund the full amount without conditions anytime. In case you earned a financial reward it will be deducted from your total payment.

We accept most payment cards debit or credit, physical or virtual including but not limited to MasterCard, visa, and virtual cards generated on the Vodafone cash app.

You will renew your premium internship at 59$ monthly.

Key Internship features

it’s totally fine, we will provide you with crash courses in major marketing functions, then guide you step by step in action.

functions are how we categorize work scope like copywriting function, advertising, graphic design etc. you can select up to 3 functions at a time, based on your choice, we invite you to relevant projects. You can change it any time freely.

Yes, of course, we will provide you with open projects relevant to you for participation. Check project details and take place in anyone that interests you, all projects are really for real businesses. 

Rewards are financial incentives you receive per project when your work is approved by the client or the project master. You earn a predefined reward based on the project scope and team size. In the general talk, it’s up to 100$ per project.

By default, any project takes from 1 to 2 weeks in the execution phase.

Once your portfolio is created, it will be always there, and you can use it even without paying.

It’s an on-going internship with no limitation, you’re always welcome.

No time commitment except for meetings, tasks can be done anytime before its due date. the project schedule and timeline are available from day 1.

some of our interns' reviews...
سهيله أحمد
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Covalus من المنصات الي ساعدتني اكتشف مجال الماركتنج حقيقي واعرفه واكتشف نفسي فيه عن طريق المشاركه في مشاريع حقيقيه.. كفايه التنظيم والتيم المتعاون والبروفيشنال الي بيساعدك في كل خطوه وبيشجعك Totally recommended ;great real life projects experience Thanks mr mohamed and all covalus team for the professional and motivational working environment
Ahmed Abdulazeem
Ahmed Abdulazeem
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Covaluse is a perfect start for anyone wishing to get into the Digital Marketing career. I joined the internship last year and learned a lot about different paths of the digital from copywriting, digital media buying to social media campaigns, besides making an income. Thanks Covaluse for the experience you supported me with. Best of luck ISA
Marco Maged
Marco Maged
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Totally recommended♥️♥️♥️ great real life projects experience✌️
Amr Elsayed
Amr Elsayed
Read More
اهم حاجة هي الخبرة العالية من الmentors والتعامل الاحترافي معانا ف التدريب منهم.. وكمان التنظيم
Mohamed Elrashid
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I had the opportunity to work as an intern for Covaluse where I learned a lot from field experts. Covaluse is a good place to start your career path where you'll not only have the chance to work on real projects but also you'll receive insightful sessions for the track you would choose, work in a friendly environment that is keen on getting the best out of you.
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