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Practice remotely on real-life digital marketing work with guidance from professionals, for better career chances.

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No CV, Interview, or even prior knowledge is required.

 Start immediately by creating an account, then you will receive frequent invitations to open projects for participation. Check projects’ details and take place in anyone that interests you, all projects are real-life work for real businesses. 

Literally, anyone with a great passion to learn digital marketing and a stable internet connection.

You can participate in as many projects as you need to establish and advance your digital marketing career. 

Self-paced participation

shift between digital marketing functions at well.

 Functions are how we categorize work scope like copywriting function, advertising, graphic design, etc. You can select up to 3 functions at a time, and based on your choice, we invite you to relevant projects.

Available marketing functions are data analysis, digital advertising, soft coding, copywriting, artwork, and UX/UI design.

We provide project invitations based on your chosen functions, so if you already decided on a function or more, you would probably want to participate in projects relevant to your scope of functions.

Of course, you can. Once you changed your functions, your projects feed will be adapted to your need immediately.

Field navigation

Take place in random work until you find yourself.

 If you just started and didn’t decide on a marketing specialty yet, you can set the explorer mode on to receive random project invitations. Take place in any available project to get started, then, you can remain a silent member to see how it works in action with no pressure.

It’s okay to participate in projects as a silent party with no input at all to get a sense of how it works in reality with no pressure.

Anytime, once you are ready to dig into a specific marketing function.

Explorer mode

Learn bit by bit based on the work you practice on.

 Each project comes with a technical manual on how to execute it step by step. all materials are available prior to the project start, so you can learn and practice digital marketing in real-time and in small patches based on each project scope nothing more distract or confuse you. 

It’s okay, all you need is to gain a basic understanding of what you’re going to do, then, we will guide you through.

Yes, of course. The educational material available for members with no prior knowledge or who want to refresh their minds while practicing, it’s totally up to you.


Pick up your task list to work on with no pressure.

 Whether you’re not ready to start producing work or eager to make input in all available tasks, we support both edge scenarios and in between. you’re allowed to watch and learn with no input at all or work on tasks beyond your selected functions it’s up to you.

Free tasking

Receive detailed task and project-level feedback.

 Once you start creating something and shared it with your team, your project master will review it and feedback on your next step or recommended modification with a proper explanation. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect but has to exist to be improved over time.

By default, on our platform when you upload your work task by task. Additionally, while the regular online meetings with the project master.

Technical feedback

operate in a highly collaborative work environment

 Marketing is all about teamwork, it’s hard to create something solely. whether you work on tasks alone or in groups, any project is made up of a process and a collection of functions. So, it’s better to understand and collaborate with your teammates to push work forward flawlessly.

Instant Messaging

Online meetings within the project team periodically.

 Each project team meets 3 times, before, during, and after the project completion. each meeting covers a different goal and is recorded for your reference. Initially,  how to start, then discuss any challenges that come along. finally, review the approved proposal and recap the learning points.

It varies from one project to another, in general talk, each project team picks datetimes that fit the majority schedule. You will thump up for the best times work for you meeting by meeting.

No, it is not, however, it’s highly recommended.

First of all, we run in No Blame Culture, second, all meetings are recorded and will be listed for your reference, so you never miss an update.

Regular meetings

Earn up to 100$ per project for approved proposals.

 During the project execution period, you complete tasks one by one all the way to the final completed work. Then your work is proposed to the project sponsor “the client” when he approved your work, you earn a financial reward predefined based on the project scope and team size.

Say you participated in a project with a 100$ reward, and it has 4 tasks to be completed successfully. When you complete 1 approved task you get 1*(100/4) which means 25$ and so on.

By default, via bank transfer once by the end of each month.

A credited portfolio for all your completed projects.

 Once you complete a project by doing tasks all the way to the final proposal, it appears in your portfolio automatically. Regardless, of whether it is approved or not. A portfolio you can share with your potential employer or on social media like LinkedIn to gain exposure.

and much more!

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