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Let’s face it. Most companies can’t afford to hire freshers with no prior experience.

They’re looking for marketers who already know how it works.

Next time you apply for a marketing job, make sure to stand out.

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What makes COVALUSE refreshingly different?

COVALUSE is the perfect digital marketing training environment – so you can quickly gain experience (in a straightforward and casual way)…. using fresh & engaging, remote working tools.
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You’ll never be stuck between digital marketing knowledge and practical application again!

digital marketing main functions

You’re able to select any function to start practicing it. Take it easy, you can change it later!

content creation

Including copywriting, content writing, graphic design, and all means of content creation.

digital advertising

Including social media ad setup and google adWords campaigns.

data analysis

Including data collection, cleaning, wrangling, and visualization like dashboards.

soft coding

Including landing pages creation, setup tracking codes, and customizing WordPress functionality.

Have questions!? let's find answers...

Marketing functions

functions are how we categorize work scope like content creation, digital advertising etc. you can select any function at a time, based on your choice, we notify you on relevant projects to participate in. You can change it any time freely.

In case you already interested in a specific digital marketing area, you want to practice on relevant project to that area. Based on your set functions we provide you with projects that match your preferences including your marketing function.

manage preferences

Basic/Free members are able to set 1 function, Prime/Paid members are able to set up to 3 functions at a time

Basic/Free members are able to change functions once a month, Prime/Paid members are able to do so in a weekly basis.

not sure where to start!?

Meet the explorer mode, where you receive diversified projects to participate in, until you find your way.