Project Brief


Design a unique, adaptable, and memorable brand identity that conveys the corporate mission, values and roles. The identity needs to be harmonized with various international partner styles and anchor corporate communications and marketing effectively.

Background & Assumptions

Uniforce, tasked to locally represent several international food & beverage brands, currently lacks a strong, easily recognizable brand identity, resulting in poor market trust, differentiation challenges, inconsistent brand messaging and potential conflicts with partner brands’ identities.

Strategy & Scope

Create a unique brand identity that enhances brand recognition featuring distinctive logo, color scheme, typography, and imagery. The scope extends to ensuring a consistent and adaptable branding across all marketing platforms.

Key Deliverables

  • Designed unique brand logo
  • Selected professional color scheme, typography, and imagery
  • Consistent branding across all platforms

Channels & Roles Involved

  • Graphic Designer for logo and visual assets creation
  • Content Creator for harmonizing brand messaging
  • Social Media Manager for uniform branding across digital platforms

Metrics to Monitor

Brand recognition, market credibility, consistency in brand messaging, the flexibility of the brand identity, and response from the local market.

Budget & Duration

Unspecified budget with an execution timeline not exceeding 2 weeks. The project is targeted at the United Arab Emirates market.

Uniforce's Global Brand Identity Adaptable for Integration in Completed phase

Up to $50 reward per project.
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