Project Brief


The project aims to validate the hypothesis that advertising on Meta can generate job seeker leads at a lower cost per acquisition, specifically at $0.5 per sign up.

Background & Assumptions

We assume ad-boosting may not be the most efficient lead generation strategy. Our goal is to validate this by exploring cost-effective advertising methods and determining the actual cost per person.

Strategy & Scope

The strategy involves launching targeted English-language advertisements on Meta and optimizing our website’s conversion path. It also requires a robust tracking system for important metrics.

Key Deliverables

  • Paid campaigns on Meta
  • Optimized website conversion path
  • Effective metric tracking setup

Channels & Roles Involved

Roles involved are Social Media Ad Manager, CopyWriter, and Graphic Designer. The main channel is Social Media Marketing.

Metrics to Monitor

The success of the project will be measured by website visits, lead generation, profile completion sign-ups, and achieving a $0.5 cost per sign up.

Budget & Duration

The project budget and duration specifics will be determined in line with the scope and expected deliverables on approval by JOBED.

Validation of Low-Cost Acquisition via Meta Ads in Completed phase

Up to $50 reward per project.