Project Brief


To expand Instagram followership within the corporate sector, enhancing lead acquisition by ensuring a conversion rate of 3%. The focus lies in driving more visits to the website and encouraging the ideal customer profile to provide contact details.

Background & Assumptions

The current Instagram advertising strategies haven’t significantly impacted lead generation despite an extensive client base. The belief is that gaining corporate Instagram followers will stimulate their interest to learn more about our offerings.

Strategy & Scope

  • Pay-for-promotion on Instagram to increase followership among corporate clients.
  • Audit, then update the website’s conversion path for an optimized user journey.
  • Ensure precise monitoring of key metrics.

Key Deliverables

  • Higher corporate-focused Instagram followers
  • Elevated lead generation at a cost per lead below $6
  • A conversion-optimized website

Channels & Roles Involved

Channels: Instagram Advertising, Website Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Roles: Social Media Ad Manager, PPC Specialist, SEM Manager

Metrics to Monitor

The metrics to watch are the follower count, link in bio clicks, website visits, and leads acquired.

Budget & Duration

This information is to be determined based on the available resources, level of expertise required, and project complexity.

Boosting Instagram Followers for Corporate Lead Acquisition in Execution phase

Up to $50 reward per project.