Project Brief


The main goal of this group project is to determine the potential interest among freelance service buyers in the new AI-powered inspecting feature developed by JOBED. Our strategy involves directing paid traffic from social media platforms and Google ads to a specifically designed landing page that offers a feature demonstration. The project aims to eliminate manual searching for suitable freelancers for a particular task, thereby saving a considerable amount of time for clients.

Background & Assumptions

We are working on the assumption that freelance service buyers will show interest in the AI-powered inspection feature provided by JOBED. This feature is designed to streamline the search process for clients, making it more efficient, reliable, and time-saving.

Strategy & Scope

Our approach is to generate paid traffic from social media platforms and Google ads towards a dedicated landing page that features a demo to asses interest. This landing page will serve as a measuring tool for evaluating the success of our marketing strategies.

Key Deliverables

  • Running campaigns on social media and Google Ads.
  • Designing and development of a dedicated landing page.
  • A report on traffic, CTR, service queries, signups (buyers or sellers), and conversion rate (measured by task creation).

Channels & Roles Involved

This project will require the collective efforts of a Digital Marketing Specialist for Google Ads, a Social Media Marketer for social media platforms, and a Web Developer for the creation and management of the landing page.

Metrics to Monitor

  • Traffic
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Service queries
  • Signups per type (seller or buyer)
  • Conversion rate measured by task creation

Budget & Duration

The budget allocated for this project is $500, with a timeline of one week for implementation and initial results analysis.

Assessing Interest in AI-powered Freelancer Search through Social Media and Google Ads Traffic in Completed phase

Up to $50 reward per project.